When I was 5

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My father, a very athletic and competitive person, is a huge influence in my life and because of him sports are a significant part of my life that shaped who I am from an early age. There are countless lessons I’ve learned through playing and watching sports and most are relevant to business and life.

Amanda Mesler - Snow plough parent

Snow plough parent

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The joys of parenting. The other day I heard the expression “Snow plough parent” for the first time. Basically it means clearing away obstacles for your child. A good thing or not?

Amanda Mesler - My first marathon

My first marathon

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Most of my life, I have been fit as I played team sports, participated in aerobics in my twenties, and belonged to a gym. As life became more complicated, it became hard to find time to exercise while balancing the demands of marriage, three children and a high stress travel job.

Amanda Mesler - Humble beginnings

Humble beginnings

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Since I was 13 years old, I dreamt of becoming a business executive. I didn’t really know what that meant, but I had this vision of being in a red power suit in a mahogany office working with a great team.


Confidence wins

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I started at GE working as a buyer in purchasing and before long was the highest rated employee in the department. After being there a year, I noticed a job posting in another business unit for a Market Manager of Asia.

Amanda Mesler - My first trip out of the country

The first trip out of the country

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One of my favorite stories is my first trip to Japan. I went with my boss and at 24 years old, it was the first time I’d ever been out of the US. Everything was new to me about traveling – the long flight, airplane meals, the movies, the time change!

Amanda Mesler - Becoming a mother

Becoming a mother

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After a rewarding and successful tenure at GE, one of the best management training grounds on the planet, I went to work for KPMG.