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Amanda Mesler

Amanda Mesler is a C-level business woman, marathon runner, devoted mother of three, fanatical sports fan and outspoken champion of women in the workplace.

By sharing her experiences and encouraging open dialogue Amanda aims to inspire others to realise their full potential in business and life.

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When I was 5

Posted in: Parenting

My father, a very athletic and competitive person, is a huge influence in my life and because of him sports are a significant part of my life that shaped who I am from an early age. There are countless lessons I’ve learned through playing and watching sports and most are relevant to business and life.

Running #NYCMarathon @everymomcounts! Fundraising 2 make pregnancy safe 4 EVERY mother. Help me make a difference crowdrise.com/amandamesler

#twbf2014 Martin Sorrell "How long do you think it's going to take to achieve gender balance?"

Fantastic event #twbf2014 Tidjane Thiam,Group CEO,Prudential "We must fight all forms of discrimination" "Keep your eye on unconscious bias"

Amanda Mesler - Snow plough parent

Snow plough parent

Posted in: Parenting

The joys of parenting. The other day I heard the expression “Snow plough parent” for the first time. Basically it means clearing away obstacles for your child. A good thing or not?

"Gender Equality is both a man and woman problem". Emma Watson's UN speech was powerful. Will you be part of the solution? #HeForShe

Amanda Mesler - My first marathon

My first marathon

Posted in: Running & Life

Most of my life, I have been fit as I played team sports, participated in aerobics in my twenties, and belonged to a gym. As life became more complicated, it became hard to find time to exercise while balancing the demands of marriage, three children and a high stress travel job.

Great post. Great leaders do not micromanage... "Real leadership is when everyone else feels in charge" lnkd.in/ds8dmzQ

"Bad managers tell employees what to do".... Such a poor management trait, especially if you are a CEO! lnkd.in/d4iFhsn

Amanda Mesler - Humble beginnings

Humble beginnings

Posted in: Parenting

Since I was 13 years old, I dreamt of becoming a business executive. I didn’t really know what that meant, but I had this vision of being in a red power suit in a mahogany office working with a great team.

Great article! "Happiness is a choice." "Say things you really want to say to the people who most need to hear them.…lnkd.in/b_uhxnv

Awesome....parents are so important in a child's life. I had the opportunity to meet Jim Valvano....inspirational g…lnkd.in/btzt2NA


Confidence wins

Posted in: Leadership

I started at GE working as a buyer in purchasing and before long was the highest rated employee in the department. After being there a year, I noticed a job posting in another business unit for a Market Manager of Asia.

"Persistence is essential to success, and the more of it you display the more you will accomplish." Absolutely true…lnkd.in/bkymRfJ

Amanda Mesler - My first trip out of the country

The first trip out of the country

Posted in: Tales of a Travelling Business Woman

One of my favorite stories is my first trip to Japan. I went with my boss and at 24 years old, it was the first time I’d ever been out of the US. Everything was new to me about traveling – the long flight, airplane meals, the movies, the time change!

Amanda Mesler - Becoming a mother

Becoming a mother

Posted in: Parenting

After a rewarding and successful tenure at GE, one of the best management training grounds on the planet, I went to work for KPMG.

Can I just take the time to say how amazing my mother is? She is so inspirational to me. Not many people do what you do

  • 11.02.14

    New York Marathon

    Marathon No.15
    The second time I’ve run NY and the celebratory race for the completion of the 7 continent challenge – preparations are going well and I’m on schedule